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How to Avoid Poor Decisions & Bad Outcomes

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November Program Feedback

Check out President Lori Buteweg’s blog post about the program

Lori’s November Bar Journal Article on Bias

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Pipeline Programs

Join the Growing List of Pledge Signatories

List Updated, October 2016

The State Bar of Michigan actively promotes the importance of diversity and inclusion in the profession. We applaud all who have signed the SBM Pledge to Achieve Diversity and Inclusion and will publicly acknowledge their action.

Former State Bar President Tony Jenkins in a Michigan Bar Journal President's Page quoted an ancient Chinese proverb that says "any journey of a million miles begins with the first step."

Now that we've started the journey, we urge you to join us in this endeavor and to check out who has already signed on by viewing the list of law firms, law schools, bar associations, individuals, and other entities.

Please join us in this very important effort by becoming a signatory to the pledge today!


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Annual Brunch for Bars

Held Sunday April 17, 2016

The State Bar of Michigan Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee and Equal Access Initiative co-hosted the second annual Brunch for Bars the morning after the Wolverine Bar Association’s 54th Annual Barristers Ball. This event offered an opportunity for leaders of local and affinity bar associations to network, share information, and discuss collaboration opportunities.

Special guest, ABA President Paulette Brown, joined us to provide an update on the Diversity and Inclusion 360 Commission that was initiated to formulate methods, policy, standards, and practices to best advance diversity and inclusion over the next ten years.

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Experts & Consultants

  • Basic Diversity training and consulting firm

  • Kimberly Papillion on neuroscience and bias.

  • S.L. Robins & Associates Diversity & Inclusion—Dr. Robbins does not think of himself as a diversity expert but as a student of human behavior and his years of study of human behavior have led him to the conclusion that "diversity work" is really the work of "understanding human behavior in a diversity context."