Committee Findings & Recommendations

Judicial Crossroads Task Force Press Conference (January 26, 2011)

Judicial Crossroads Task Force Report & Recommendations

"Recommendations coming out of our Task Force will provide for a much more efficient judicial system, and our courts will be able to provide better services with less resources to the citizens of the state of Michigan."— Edward H. Pappas

> JCTF Official Report
> SBM Forms Task Force on the Future of Michigan’s Courts
> SBM Names Members of Task Force
> Task Force Committees Announced
> Judicial Crossroads Task Force Begins Work
> JCTF Media Kit

    Who We Are
    The Judicial Crossroads Task Force is composed of twenty-nine leaders of the Bar, business, civic, and political communities.
    The report and recommendations were compiled by the following: Court Structure and Resources, Technology, Business Impact, and Access to Justice Committees.