Learn more about Rule 21

Learn more about Rule 21

New resources are available to help Michigan attorneys understand their obligations under Rule 21 — and even fulfill its requirements. Rule 21 (See ADM 2020-15) is the most significant rule change impacting Michigan attorneys in at least two decades. It includes two new requirements for private practice attorneys:

  • Designate an interim administrator: Attorneys can either designate their own interim administrator (at no cost) or enroll in the State Bar of Michigan’s Interim Administrator Program ($60 per year).
  • Name a person with knowledge: Attorneys must identify a person who knows where the actual and virtual keys to the office are located. They do not have to be an attorney.

Visit michbar.org/Rule21 to learn more about the rule change, get answers to frequently asked questions, and understand your obligations if you agree to serve as an interim administrator. The June issue of the Michigan Bar Journal also includes detailed information about the new rule in the article, “What you need to know about Rule 21.” The State Bar of Michigan “On Balance” podcast also features a discussion about Rule 21. Listen to it here.

Attorneys can fulfill the requirements of Rule 21 now by logging into the State Bar of Michigan’s online Member Area at michbar.org/MemberArea.

Rule 21 goes into effect in September and Michigan attorneys have an obligation to fulfill its requirements when they renew their license. Private practice attorneys are encouraged to make their interim administrator plan ahead of license renewal to ensure they have time to make all necessary arrangements.

Posted: June 26, 2023