PMRC Virtual Seminar - How Successful Law Firms Really Work

PMRC Virtual Seminar - How Successful Law Firms Really Work

Learn the business skills you need to start a law firm or make your firm more profitable in this virtual seminar 10-11:30 a.m. August 30, 2022, via Zoom.  

Hosted by the State Bar of Michigan’s Practice Management Resource Center, “How Successful Law Firms Really Work” will feature speakers Robert Feisee and David Ginsberg. This virtual seminar covers all aspects of starting and operating a successful law firm business, including how to:  

  • Increase profits.  
  • Identify ideal clients for the firm and communicate proactively and effectively with them. 
  • Create and develop a cohesive and productive human resources team.  
  • Make your firm operate efficiently with the right systems and procedures.   

The cost is $25 and open to all members of the State Bar of Michigan and their staffs. Register here.  

Speaker Bios: 

Robert Feisee is an estate and business planning attorney. He is the Founder and President of InSight Law. He also previously served as a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley. 

David Ginsberg is an attorney and certified mediator helping clients resolve divorce, property, support and custody issues. He works for Cooper Ginsberg Gray, PLLC providing high quality, effective, dedicated and cost-effective representation to individuals going through family turmoil.  

Posted July 13, 2022