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    D. Jennifer Andreou
    Daniel V. Barnett
    Joscelyn Cekola Boucher
    Drew W. Broaddus
    Deborah Brouwer
    Tyler A. Burk
    John Byl
    Ashley G. Chrysler
    Jennifer Dukarski
    Daniel P. Ettinger
    Rachel J. Foster
    Debra A. Geroux
    Justin A. Grimske
    Brandon C. Hagaman
    Fadwa Hammoud
    DeAndre’ Harris
    Amber Rouse Holloway
    Matthew D. Johnson
    Christina K. Korkes
    Madelaine C. Lane
    Brian T. Lang
    Robert J. Penrod
    Richard Rattner
    Daniel R.W. Rustmann
    Daniel S. Schrode II
    Cleveland B. Simmons
    Holli Targan
    Allyson Terpsma
    Thomas P. Vincent


Providing summaries of opinions as they are released from the Michigan Supreme Court, Michigan Court of Appeals (published & unpublished), and selected U.S. Sixth Circuit. Over 50,000 cases summarized to date.

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