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  • In Memoriam

    Robert J. Adams
    Helen Joan Brish
    Julie A. Cohen
    Margaret Erdeen Davis
    Judith Bach Dixon
    Michael L. Dobra
    Matthew Scott Essenburg
    John E. Gates Jr.
    Stephen A. Gatto
    Stephanie T. Goecke
    Clyde C. Goodwin Jr.
    William J. Hassett
    John R. Hayes
    Robert L. Hindelang
    Joseph J. Jerkins
    Donald L. Johnson
    David A. King
    Suzanne Marie Krohn
    John R. Marquis
    Michael E. Mccarty
    Donna Mckneelen
    William P. O’leary
    Cameron H. Piggott
    Margaret L. Pittman
    John G. Posa
    Nancy M. Rade
    Edmund J. Sikorski Jr.
    Anne L. Sruba
    Robert D. Stalker
    Mary Wickens
    Clayton E. Wittman

  • News and Moves

    Robert S. Bick
    Andrew T. Blum
    Cloie Y. Chidiac
    Nancy Samir-Haddad Derleth
    Debra A. Geroux
    Charlie Goode
    Brandon J. Hayes
    Ingham County Bar Association
    Courtney A. Lavender
    Bushra A. Malik
    James J. Murray
    Courtney L. Nichols
    Shanika A. Owens
    Reginald A. Pacis
    Erin Pawlowski
    Adomas N. Rauckis
    Richard Warren


Providing summaries of opinions as they are released from the Michigan Supreme Court, Michigan Court of Appeals (published & unpublished), and selected U.S. Sixth Circuit. Over 60,000 cases summarized to date.



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