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Real Property Law


by Dawn M. Patterson   |   Michigan Bar Journal

It is the privilege of the State Bar of Michigan Real Property Law Section to be invited to participate in this edition of the Michigan Bar Journal. Our section welcomes all members of the Bar who are interested in real property matters to join and be active.

RPLS members meet, collaborate, and network at various engaging events throughout the year. It is the section’s mission to provide education and information about current real property issues through meetings, seminars, its website at connect.michbar.org/realproperty, pro bono service programs, and publication of the Michigan Real Property Review.

The real estate market has been a bit of a roller coaster in recent years. However, some common concerns for both general and real estate practitioners remain constant regardless of market conditions. The many timeless issues include our selected topics, which address advising clients on handling real estate transfers without the involvement of probate court, advising on condominium bylaws, and understanding the options of title policy products when representing a buyer.

RPLS extends its gratitude to its members that have authored the three featured articles:

  • The first article, Ladybird Deeds: Key Features and Uses by Emily Sullivan and Gregg Nathanson, discusses this efficient estate planning device and its key features.
  • The second article, Outdated to Upgraded: Is it time to Modernize your Condominium Bylaws? by Kevin Hirzel, provides insight into critical issues that may be overlooked by condominium associations and offers suggestions for amending outdated condominium documentation.
  • The third article, the American Land Title Association Homeowner’s Policy of Title Insurance: The Highest Level of Protection by Stacey Barbe, addresses the benefits of an enhanced owner’s policy of title insurance.

If you have any questions regarding the Real Property Law Section or would like to become involved in the section, please do not hesitate to contact me or any member of the council. The list of section officers and council members may be found by clicking on the “About” tab at connect.michbar.org/realproperty.