Michigan Supreme Court Rescinds 30-Day Advertising Rule


The Michigan Supreme Court has rescinded its order amending Rule 7.3 of the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct to add a 30-day prohibition on targeted written solicitations following an injury, death, or accident that may give rise to a claim and require the labeling of letters and circulars, whether targeted or non-targeted, as advertising material. The order had been adopted 4-3 and was to have taken effect September 1. The Court has republished the proposed amendments for comment, with the comment period expiring November 1. The Court's new order says that before determining whether the proposal should be adopted, changed before adoption, or rejected, this notice is given to afford interested persons the opportunity to comment on the form or the merits of the proposal or to suggest alternatives. The Court welcomes the views of all. This matter also will be considered at a public hearing. Download the new order.