Francine Cullari Will Receive Roberts P. Hudson Award Sept. 17 in Grand Rapids


Francine Cullari has never met a problem she can't solve.

Take her work as chair of the State Bar of Michigan Publications and Website Advisory Committee, for example.

"It may be difficult for distant observers to appreciate how much work goes into the Bar Journal and the website, but it takes an enormous effort," wrote Joseph Kimble in her nomination. "And Francine directs that effort—making sure that the website is up-to-date and user-friendly, organizing the various issues of the Journal, organizing meetings, appointing subcommittees, overseeing the budget, and dealing with countless concerns that inevitably arise. ... And she does it all with energy and professionalism. It's a pleasure to serve on the committee that she chairs. She gets the best and most from everyone—to the great benefit of our State Bar."

She has also tirelessly and quietly committed herself to a multitude of other work for the State Bar, the Genesee County Bar Association, many charitable organizations, and in her work as a lawyer.

She has served on the SBM Board of Commissioners and Representative Assembly, has chaired the Awards Committee for years, and served on the Public Outreach Committee. She is past president of the Genesee County Bar Association. She has done pro bono work for Legal Services of Eastern Michigan since 1982. And she has been a hearing panelist on the Michigan Attorney Discipline Board since 2004.

Cullari currently directs the Michigan Family Business Center and teaches business law and international business law as an adjunct professor at the University of Michigan‐Flint, and also runs her own law office.

She has volunteered for many years for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Boy Scouts of America, Michigan Society of Planning Officials, Grand Blanc Township Planning Commission and Grand Blanc Arts Council, as well as many other organizations.

She earned her J.D. from Michigan State University College of Law, her M.B.A. with high distinction from the University of Michigan, her M.A. in Planning/Urban Affairs from St. Louis University, and a dual B.S. in Sociology and Chemistry from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia.

She won the Michigan State University Detroit College of Law Hon. George N. Bashara Jr. Distinguished Alumni Award, National Luminary Award for Communications Excellence, Chamber of Commerce Athena Award, and Genesee County Bar Association Outstanding Contribution Award, among many other honors.

Her long list of accomplishments is very impressive.

But those who have worked with her know that she doesn't get involved to put fancy titles and awards on her resume.

She gets involved because she genuinely wants to make the world a better place.

"I have been completely in awe of Francine for the entirety of the now over 30 years of our professional and personal relationship," wrote Donald G. Rockwell in her nomination. "I have never been able to understand how she has the time and energy to render such unselfish devotion."

Story by Samantha Meinke

Francine Cullari

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