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Essential Form Book, The: Comprehensive Management Tools for Lawyers, Volume I

By Gary A. Munneke & Anthony E. Davis

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NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions, the CD that accompanies this book is not available for loan.

Available now—dozens of time-saving forms with instructions for structuring partnership, organizational, and fee agreements, and more.

Useful to legal practitioners of all specialties and sizes, this first volume ofThe Essential Form Book includes more than 48 forms, checklists, and sample documents, and focuses on partnership and organizational agreements and client intake and fee agreements.

Includes the 2003 supplement with CD-ROM featuring important changes and additions to Volume I, including a new limited liability partnership form, a model partnership agreement updated and expanded for 2003, a new technology checklist, a comprehensive sample engagement letter (joint representation), a sample letter explaining potential conflicts of interest inherent in joint representation, a sample non-engagement letter for proposed joint representation, a model statement of client's rights, and more.