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State wins case on sending money to non-public schools

Michigan Radio - October 17, 2018
Michigan’s public schools lost in court . . .

2 Detroit cops get probation in fatal chase

Detroit News - October 17, 2018
Two Detroit police officers involved in a high-speed chase that ended in a fatal crash last year were sentenced Wednesday to one year of probation, a $500 fine, costs and five days of community service.

High school official compared cheer team to strippers

Detroit News - October 17, 2018
A Farmington Harrison High School official is on paid leave after saying the high school’s cheer team looked like strippers during a pep rally performance.

Lansing man sentenced after sodomizing sleeping toddler

Lansing State Journal - October 17, 2018
A Lansing man will spend at least 15 years in prison after sodomizing a toddler and claiming he was doing a prostate exam on him.

Officials remind travelers it's still illegal to bring marijuana across the border

Michigan Radio - October 17, 2018
U.S. border officials are reminding Michiganders it is still illegal to transport marijuana across the border, despite recreational cannabis being legal now in Canada.

New remains found in Cantrell Funeral Home in Detroit

Detroit News - October 17, 2018
The remains of four cremated bodies were discovered this week at a Detroit funeral home where 11 infants, 10 of them fetuses, were found Friday.

Fetuses' ages could be factor in charges against Cantrell Funeral Home

Detroit Free Press - October 17, 2018
Charges in the case of 11 mummified fetuses found in the ceiling of the defunct Cantrell Funeral Home in Detroit likely will come down to their gestational age — a fact that determines what paper trail, if any, exists for investigators to sniff out.

Daily Briefs

Detroit Legal News - October 17, 2018
A federal court says the owners of three dogs killed by Detroit police during a raid can pursue a civil rights lawsuit against the officers.

Chief Justice Roberts Emphasizes Supreme Court’s Independence

The Wall Street Journal - October 17, 2018
In first comments on Kavanaugh controversy, jurist says, ‘We serve one nation’

Who is your legal icon?

ABA Journal - October 18, 2018
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has ascended to pop culture prominence, as shown on the October cover of the ABA Journal.

With clock ticking, DOJ charges unidentified suspect for threatening judge in 2012

Wisconsin State Journal - October 18, 2018
Just beating a six-year statute of limitations, the state Department of Justice on Monday filed a felony charge against the DNA profile of an unidentified person, charging the person with threatening a judge who had just found the controversial public-worker law known as Act 10 to be unconstitutional.

Thursday round-up

SCOTUSblog - October 18, 2018
Court-watchers continue to consider the effect of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation on future Supreme Court decisions and on the court as an institution.

Lawyers on opposite sides of #MeToo litigation face off in suit over crowdsourced accusation list

ABA Journal - October 17, 2018
Two lawyers who have represented opposite sides in sexual misconduct lawsuits are facing each other in a new lawsuit related to the #MeToo movement, stemming from a crowdsourced list of men accused of sexual misconduct.

Trump Likely to Name Pat Cipollone as Next White House Counsel

The Wall Street Journal - October 17, 2018
Pat Cipollone, a veteran Washington lawyer, is likely to be named the next White House counsel, succeeding Don McGahn, who has held the role since President Trump took office last year, according to two White House officials.

U.S. wants ruling on 'Dreamers' in Supreme Court's current term

Reuters - October 17, 2018
The U.S. Department of Justice said Wednesday it will ask the Supreme Court to intervene if an appellate court has not ruled by Oct. 31 on whether the Trump administration can end protections for “Dreamers” who entered the country illegally as children.

Could 80 percent of cases be resolved through online dispute resolution? (podcast)

ABA Journal - October 17, 2018
Perhaps in five to seven years, as Colin Rule sees it, half of U.S. citizens who file court cases will have access to online dispute resolution software walking them step by step through their matters, resolving up to 80 percent of cases.

Pay Your Dues Online

SBM Blog - October 17, 2018
To complete your annual disclosures and pay your 2018-2019 dues online with a debit, credit card or e-check, go to and log in using your member login and password.

Will you be in Detroit on November 6? Join us for the dedication of the 41st Michigan Legal Milestone!

SBM Blog - October 17, 2018
The State Bar of Michigan will dedicate our 41st Michigan Legal Milestone, commemorating the fact that Michigan's government was the first in the English-speaking world to outlaw capital punishment for murder and lesser crimes from 4-6 p.m. on Tuesday, November 6 at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center in Detroit.