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Federal court rebukes state for denying credits for juvenile lifers

Michigan Radio - August 15, 2018
The 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that Michigan cannot deny credits for good behavior to prisoners who were sentenced to life without parole as minors.

Lisa Posthumus Lyons to be on November ballot as Schuette’s Lieutenant Governor

Michigan Radio - August 15, 2018
Attorney General Bill Schuette has chosen Lisa Posthumus Lyons as his running mate for the November election. Schuette is the Republican nominee for governor – he won about 50 percent of his party’s vote in the primary.

Sala wins probate judge primary tiebreaker

Adrian Daily Telegram - August 16, 2018
Catherine Sala is the second nominee for Lenawee County probate judge.

Daily Briefs

Detroit Legal News - August 16, 2018
Brooks Kushman announced Wednesday a partnership between the law firm and Wayne State University Law School to the expand the impact of the law school’s Patent Procurement Clinic.

Judge rejects appeal of Royal Oak development

Detroit News - August 15, 2018
An Oakland County circuit judge dismissed an appeal Wednesday of the city of Royal Oak’s plan to redevelop the center of its downtown business district with a parking structure, a new office building, a park and new city hall and police department.

Black nurse claims discrimination over patient request

Detroit News - August 15, 2018
A registered nurse filed suit against Beaumont Health for allegedly honoring a patient's request not to be cared for by an African-American.

Wrongly convicted man released after nearly 15 years in prison

Detroit News - August 15, 2018
A Wayne County Circuit Court judge has dismissed a 2003 murder conviction against Aaron Salter, a 36-year-old man the office now admits was wrongfully convicted due to mistaken identity.

Federal lawsuit filed against Michigan school district

Michigan Radio - August 15, 2018
A Michigan school district is facing a federal lawsuit over past sexual harassment.

US Supreme Court to weigh whether to take up Mass. suit against Bill Cosby

Boston Globe - August 15, 2018
The US Supreme Court could discuss in late September whether to take up a Massachusetts lawsuit filed against disgraced entertainer Bill Cosby by a woman who says he raped her in the 1970s.

What's your advice for someone deciding whether to apply to law school?

ABA Journal - August 15, 2018
Should you go to law school? If you aren't sure, what can help you reach a decision?

Masterpiece Cakeshop baker refuses to make cake celebrating gender transition, spurring new suit

ABA Journal - August 15, 2018
After winning his case before the U.S. Supreme Court, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop is challenging another decision by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

Thursday round-up

SCOTUSblog - August 16, 2018
For USA Today, Richard Wolf reports that “[f]or three eventful years of George W. Bush’s presidency – involving wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Hurricane Katrina, battles over abortion and immigration, and two Supreme Court vacancies – Brett Kavanaugh held one of the most important jobs in the White House,” but “as the Senate considers Kavanaugh’s qualifications for the Supreme Court, his work as staff secretary – described by others who have held the job as the president’s inbox and outbox – remains a black hole.”

Judge Greenlights Use of Sex-Trafficking Law in Suit Against Harvey Weinstein

The Wall Street Journal - August 15, 2018
A federal judge ruled that an actress’s lawsuit accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault can proceed, approving an unorthodox use of a federal sex-trafficking statute.

Christian baker vindicated by SCOTUS back in court for not baking a gender transitioning cake

Washington Times - August 15, 2018
The Christian baker who fought in the Supreme Court to preserve his right to refuse to make cakes for same-sex weddings says he is now the target of harassment by Colorado and some of its more mischievous residents, who have made a crusade out of trying to force him to bake cakes offensive to him.

Judge who denied name changes for transgender teens is sued for alleged pattern of bias

ABA Journal - August 15, 2018
A judge in Lebanon, Ohio, says he has no bias against transgender people but is obligated to consider the best interests of a child in name change requests—and that sometimes children don’t know what is best for them.

Did the Supreme Court Rule in 1943 That No One Can Be Forced to Participate in Patriotic Rituals?

Snopes - August 15, 2018
The Supreme Court's 1943 ruling applied to school board officials and other government entities, not private sector enterprises such as the NFL.

Governors: We need bipartisan criminal justice reform to improve lives and our workforce

USA Today - August 15, 2018
In our political climate, it is often far too difficult for leaders from different parties to find common ground.

Opinion: The Kavanaugh hearings should have constitutional inquiry

Detroit News - August 15, 2018
Next month, Michiganians will get the chance to experience a television spectacle. Network and cable stations will bring to their living rooms hours upon hours of U.S. Senate confirmation hearings.

MyCase Legal Technology Evangelist to Give Plenary Session at SBM NEXT Conference

SBM Blog - August 15, 2018
Nicole Black, Legal Technology Evangelist for MyCase, will provide a plenary session for the educational tracks at State Bar of Michigan NEXT Conference at 9 a.m. Friday, Sept. 28.

Enhance your SBM NEXT Conference experience with the mobile app

SBM Blog - August 15, 2018
The State Bar of Michigan is offering an app to help you create the perfect, personalized SBM NEXT Conference experience for you.