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Judge to rule on request to dismiss felony charges by former judge Theresa Brennan

Livingston Daily Press & Argus - October 18, 2019
A Wayne County judge said he'll rule next month on motions to dismiss felony charges against former Livingston County District Judge Theresa Brennan or move her trial to a different county because jurors might be tainted by pre-trial publicity.

Republican state Rep. Larry Inman heads to trial

Traverse City Record-Eagle - October 18, 2019
A federal judge this week denied a motion to dismiss criminal charges against the Republican state representative from Williamsburg.

Judge reduces sentence for juvenile lifer in cop killing

Detroit News - October 18, 2019
A Detroit man who has served 42 years behind bars for the murder of an off-duty police officer was relieved from his life sentence Thursday by a Wayne County judge.

Juvenile lifer resentenced to 40 years in 1991 Battle Creek murder

Battle Creek Enquirer - October 18, 2019
A Battle Creek man who murdered a girl as a teenager was given a chance for parole Thursday when a judge gave him a new prison sentence.

Pioneering PFAS lawyer wants US to move faster to protect public. - October 18, 2019
Cincinnati attorney Rob Bilott's work on behalf of a single angry cattle rancher in West Virginia uncovered not just per- and polyfluorinated chemicals flowing into a community, but the cover up by a chemical company whose research had determined their danger.

UAW leaders send deal with GM to workers for ratification vote; strike continues

Detroit Free Press - October 18, 2019
GM and the UAW reached a proposed tentative agreement on a new, four-year contract Wednesday.

It will be easier to get welfare assistance in Michigan starting Nov. 1 - October 18, 2019
The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is increasing the number of assets somebody can have to qualify for food, cash and emergency assistance starting Nov. 1.

Bill to let counselors keep diagnosing is sent to Whitmer

Associated Press - October 18, 2019
Lawmakers voted to update Michigan’s law so that 10,000 counselors can continue diagnosing mental disorders and using psychotherapy techniques amid concerns over regulators’ plan to revise licensing rules governing the profession.

Michigan House bills would make CPLs optional, allow gun owners to carry in gun-free zones - October 18, 2019
The main piece of the five-bill package would eliminate current restrictions on carrying concealed weapons and storing them in vehicles.

Can climate 'test cases' move forward? It’s up to Supreme Court

Bloomberg Law - October 18, 2019
The Supreme Court is set to decide soon whether to greenlight state-court proceedings for several cases in which state and local government officials seek to hold oil companies accountable for their role in climate change.

Justices probe the limits of prosecutions of noncitizens under state identity-theft laws - October 18, 2019
The Supreme Court heard oral argument in Kansas v. Garcia, which presents a potential conflict between state identity-theft prosecutions and federal immigration law.

Supreme Court formalizes guidance for its 'friends'

Bloomberg Law - October 18, 2019
Court issues guidance for filing amicus, or friend-of-the-court briefs.

Judge's unorthodox approach has huge opioid settlement within reach

Reuters News - October 18, 2019
From the start of the sprawling U.S. litigation seeking to hold drugmakers and distributors liable for the country’s opioid epidemic, Judge Dan Polster has made one thing clear: he never wanted a trial.

White House aide's words on Ukraine upend impeachment strategy, rattle allies

Reuters News - October 18, 2019
White House acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney’s comments seemed to undermine the core arguments that President Trump and his advisers have made against the effort to oust him from office.

Surge of Mexican migrants is new challenge for Trump border crackdown

Washington Post - October 18, 2019
Department of Homeland Security officials are unable to deter Mexican nationals with the same restrictive immigration policies designed to keep Central Americans out of the country.

Zuckerberg defends Facebook's approach to free speech

Reuters News - October 18, 2019
In a speech at Georgetown University filled with references to the First Amendment and the fight for democracy, Zuckerberg [said] social media had introduced transformative avenues for speech that should not be shut down.

Netflix releases Panama Papers movie despite lawsuit

Associated Press - October 18, 2019
Two Panamanian lawyers sued Netflix in federal court this week, saying the movie defamed them and could prejudice criminal cases against them.

Civil discovery guidebook available

SBM Blog - October 15, 2019
A guidebook on the new civil discovery rules that will take effect on January 1 is now available online.

Free civil discovery on-demand seminar

State Bar of Michigan - October 14, 2019
The State Bar of Michigan has partnered with ICLE to provide a free on-demand seminar discussing the broad changes to the Michigan Court Rules governing civil discovery that take effect on January 1.

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