Electronic Filing Task Force

The Electronic Filing Task Force continues its work during the 2002-2003 Bar year. The Task Force has heard from its various members concerning aspects of various court systems throughout the state and their present or future plans for electronic filing and other electronic initiatives. The Michigan Court of Appeals, Oakland County court system, State Court Administrator's office, Western District for the federal courts, along with the Washtenaw County current project were all discussed by various members of the Task Force. Additionally, the issue of the business court was discussed as well.

The Task Force also undertook the task of reviewing the electronic filing functional standards and the electronic court filing XML standards in preparation for the Supreme Court's deadline in an effort to make its written comments known, as well as preparing and having Judge Shelton of the Washtenaw County Circuit Court attend a public administrative hearing by the Michigan Supreme Court and provide statements concerning the Electronic Task Force issue specifically with regard to the proposed electronic filing standards. Additionally, the Task Force received comments concerning these standards from access to justice, open justice, and the standing committee on legal aid. These comments were addressed by the committee as well prior to its comment to the Michigan Supreme Court.