SBM Member Directory Now Offers Online Scheduling Tool

SBM Member Directory Now Offers Online Scheduling Tool

The State Bar of Michigan online member directory, powered by Zeekbeek, now offers attorneys an online appointment scheduling feature, allowing them to make their services available in an innovative, on-demand way.

The appointment scheduling tool allows clients and potential clients to request an in-person or phone appointment with attorneys based on their availability in just a few quick clicks online. Clients can set appointments to occur as soon as within the next four hours, on the following day or on selected future dates. Once a client sets an appointment, an email is sent to the attorney, who can then decide to accept, reject or reschedule the appointment.

The appointment scheduler is only available if attorneys opt-in to use it. In order to do so, attorneys must log in through the SBM member directory, click on “Actions,” then click on the box for “Appointments” and then fill in a simple form. By enabling appointments, attorneys have the ability to determine how clients can meet with them. Attorneys can choose to allow in-person and/or telephone appointments, set the length of appointments and set the hours and days they are available for appointments.

There is no cost to use the scheduler. For more information visit

Zeekbeek is owned and operated by CloudLaw, Inc., founded in 2012 by lawyers and web developers to collaborate with bar associations and create an online legal marketplace. Zeekbeek has partnered with the State Bar of Michigan and the Ohio State Bar Association to offer consumers easy, credible, transparent lawyer search, and will begin collaborating with Indiana and Illinois later this year.