Website Content—The Heart of Internet Marketing

Website Content—The Heart of Internet Marketing

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Website Content—the Heart of Internet Marketing

Website content is the heart of a successful internet marketing campaign. Google and SEO (search engine optimization) experts agree that “content is king.” High-quality content based on a theme can establish you as an expert and improve your chances of ranking highly on search engines. You can use many different types of content, each with a specific form and purpose.

Home Page & Practice Area Pages

Most visitors to your website land on your home page and move on to your practice area pages. These pages should summarize your practice with an emphasis on the visitors’ needs. Think about questions and concerns new clients raise and provide answers. Include lists of the services you provide, specific examples of cases either from the firm or the news, your location, and a call to action.


Library articles are informative and typically not time sensitive. They are usually about 600 words and focus on subsets of your practice areas. For example, if you practice family law, you can write articles on adoption, surrogacy, child custody, or child support. Formatting such as numbered or bullet lists catch readers’ eyes.

News articles on current events relate to your practice area and geographic location. To save time, sign up for Google alerts on topics of interest so you get news delivered to you when it happens.


Blog posts are shorter, less formal, current, and frequent. Blog can touch on recent cases, news items, changing laws or policies, or new practice areas. They conversational in style. Blogs can also link to other articles or publications on your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can have a frequently asked questions page about working with your firm or other topics related to your practice areas. FAQ pages provide helpful information to visitors in an easy-to-read format.

Case Results & Reviews

Case results and reviews are a great way to report your successes. Chronicling cases you like can attract more of those cases. Use a story to draw in the reader—write about hardships the client faced and how you helped.


Research shows video content keeps viewers on your website longer and increases the chances he or she will contact you. The basic rule of video content is “It’s not about you,” so make sure video presentations are informational, instructive, and interesting.

When adding new content, let the world know it exists via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your SBM enhanced profile, and an email blast.

Roberta GubbinsAfter years practicing law, Roberta Gubbins served as editor of the Ingham County Legal News. Since leaving the paper, she provides writing services to lawyers ghostwriting content for websites, blogs, and articles. She is editor of The Mentor, the SBM Master Lawyers Section newsletter.

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