What is a Tagline? Do I Need One?

What is a Tagline? Do I Need One?

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What is a Tagline? Do I Need One?

A tagline is a succinct phrase that communicates your brand message to consumers. It is not a description of what you do or a mission statement, but is a short phrase or a few words that describes your brand. Your tagline is on every advertisement and, when done right, is a rallying cry for everybody in the firm.

How do you create a tagline?

First, ask yourself, "What is it about this law firm that separates it from the competition?" Make a list of differences such as location, expertise in an area of practice, experience of the lawyers, or your history. What makes you different is your unique selling proposition (USP) or point of differentiation. It’s the sum of these parts that make your firm great.

Second, using the USP as a starting point, find a memorable way to say it in as few words as possible. Then try to view it from the client’s viewpoint—think about why they should care. You want to evoke an emotional reaction in your target market. Show them what they will gain from your services.

Finally, check your competition’s taglines. You don’t want to use the same wording.


  • "We make the complex simple," Segal McCambridge, class action defense firm.
  • "Industry Focused. Relationship Driven." Holland & Knight, large business firm, emphasizing personal service.
  • Sandberg Phoenix provides clients a written service guarantee. Their tagline is "Seriously Unbelievable Client Service."
  • Another example is personal injury firm Morgan & Morgan’s tagline, "For the People."

A good tagline can help define your firm. It conveys your unique selling proposition, tells prospective clients why your firm is the best choice, how you differ from the competition, and often makes an emotional connection.

Do you need a tagline?

There are three points of view on whether taglines are necessary: 1) Yes, still worthwhile, 2) No, it is not needed, and 3) Yes, however, your tagline should reflect your brand and be able to evolve as the firm changes.

Adding a tagline that clearly states what the firm stands for can help you stand out from the competition, add direction to your marketing strategy, enhance your brand, and may be worthy of your consideration.

Roberta GubbinsAfter years practicing law, Roberta Gubbins served as editor of the Ingham County Legal News. Since leaving the paper, she provides writing services to lawyers ghostwriting content for websites, blogs, and articles. She is editor of The Mentor, the SBM Master Lawyers Section newsletter.

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