New A.O. Offers Professionalism Principles for Lawyers and Judges

December 18, 2020

The Michigan Supreme Court has authorized twelve principles of professionalism for attorneys and judges adopted by the State Bar of Michigan to use as guidance for appropriate standards of personal conduct in the practice of law. The principles, established in Administrative Order No. 2020-23, are meant to serve as a reminder that members of the legal profession, together and individually, must exhibit the highest levels of professional conduct in order to maintain and preserve, and to advance, the profession.

The principles are not intended to form the basis for discipline, professional negligence, or sanctions; alter the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct, the Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct, or the Michigan Court Rules; or recast the Lawyer’s Oath, although many of the Principles are derived from these sources.

Please watch for updates from SBM about on this important guidance in the near future.