Legal First Responders Banner Join the COVID-19 Rapid Response Helpline

The State Bar of Michigan has launched a new initiative, the COVID-19 Rapid Response Helpline, to quickly connect people who have legal matters related to COVID-19 with attorneys who agree to promptly provide legal services for target areas of practice. The following areas of practice have been identified as those that may experience heightened demand as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Estate/Disability Planning
  • Guardianship
  • Custody and Parenting Time Issues
  • Garnishment Defense and Other Consumer Matters
  • Labor and Employment
  • Unemployment

What is the commitment?

By signing up for the COVID-19 Rapid Response Helpline you agree to:

  • Contact a referred caller within four hours of receiving email notice of referral. (Referrals received after 3:00 p.m. may be responded to no later than 10:00 a.m. the following day.)
  • Provide consultation to referred caller of up to 25 minutes at no charge.
  • Complete a follow-up disposition report at the close of representation.

Other legal services you agree to perform for a client who comes to you through the COVID-19 Rapid Response Service are not subject to these limitations.

Who’s eligible to volunteer?

Any member of the State Bar of Michigan in good standing who provides proof of malpractice insurance coverage ($100,000 per occurrence/$300,000 aggregate).

How do I assist clients during the pandemic?

Under Executive Order 2020-41, you’re encouraged to use electronic signatures and remote notarization, witnessing, and visitation during the COVID-19 pandemic. More information about remote notarization and electronic signatures, including the platforms available to you, can be found here.

Here's a comprehensive checklist for handling remote notarization and witnessing under Executive Order 2020-41.

Where do I sign up?

Have your malpractice insurance declaration page handy, then click here to join the COVID-19 Rapid Response Helpline by registering on our Lawyer Referral Service platform. Note that this initiative uses the Lawyer Referral Service platform for registration, but lawyers signing up for the COVID-19 Rapid Response Helpline will not become members of the regular Lawyer Referral Service. If you need help, we have directions here.

Who’s eligible to receive services?

The COVID-19 Rapid Response Helpline is available to anyone looking for streamlined legal services related to the pandemic. This is not a pro bono initiative, so there are no income limitations.

More information for members of the public, including how to get help, can be found here.

If you’re an attorney looking to volunteer for our Frontline Responders Legal Helpline, please click here.

If you need assistance or have questions that aren’t answered here, please email