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We hope you found the information and resources helpful. If you need pro bono (low or no cost) legal assistance, please e-mail rmathis@michbar.org.

Clean Slate/Expungement Resources for Pro Bono Attorneys

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Know Your Rights Quick Guides

  • Employment Brochure —Quick guide to reentry information on employment law issues for persons with a criminal conviction.
  • Immigration Brochure —Need-to-know information on immigration law issues, directed toward persons with a criminal conviction.
  • Housing Brochure —An outline of a person's housing rights after a criminal conviction.
  • Attorney-Client Questionnaire —An intake took for attorneys to use with clients.  It is designed to assist attorneys in avoiding unintended civil consequences or future legal actions for the client.
  • Reentry Resources Card (online version unavailable)—A durable, reusable wallet-sized card directing users to Michigan's reentry law website—a source of relevant, current information on civil legal issues facing individuals with a criminal record.
  • Children, Child Support, and Parental Rights (read online) or print version Quick guide to issues relating to children, child support, and parental rights directed toward persons with a criminal conviction.

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