All the Ways A Lawyer Helps

East Lansing Attorney a Driving Force in Law

East Lansing attorney David Shaltz has been a major player in Michigan’s elder law community for years. And while he has made quite a name for himself in this area of law, he has never stopped giving back. Throughout his career, he has donated countless hours of his time to helping indigent clients, and has shared his expertise with others in the field.

Although some of Shaltz’s pro bono cases have been relatively straightforward, some of them have required a much deeper dive. In one such case, he helped a quadriplegic client avoid institutionalization by securing him around-the-clock home health aide coverage. He assisted the client throughout the process—from the administrative hearing to the circuit court appeal, which was ultimately successful. Shaltz is currently working on two pro bono cases challenging Michigan's Medicaid program based on his clients' claims that Department of Health and Human Services policies unlawfully restrict their eligibility for health care coverage.

Meanwhile, thanks to his stellar reputation and broad knowledge in elder law, Shaltz has trained many Michigan practitioners who can continue to fight for the public and the rights of the indigent. In addition, he regularly volunteers to speak with law students, nonprofit groups, and community organizations to teach and train them on how to advocate for the disabled and the elderly. One of those organizations is the Michigan Poverty Law Program which recently selected him to join its board of directors to help lead the organization and increase access to the justice system. 

Shaltz's work, recognized by all those around him, has earned him awards from the Michigan Campaign for Quality Care, Elder Law of Michigan, and most recently, the Elder Law & Disability Rights Section of the State Bar of Michigan, which in 2016 awarded him the Section's first volunteer of the year award. This year, he was nominated for the John W. Cummiskey Pro Bono Award, given annually to a Michigan attorney who has made a significant contribution and demonstrated a true commitment to pro bono service. He was, without question, a deserving candidate.