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Supporting a Right to Counsel in Detroit

Supporting a Right to Counsel in Detroit

On March 12, local and national leaders met at the Detroit Eviction Right to Counsel Summit to address the eviction crisis in Detroit. In 2017, of the more than 32,000 evictions that were filed in Detroit, only about 1,500 tenants had an attorney. The goals of the summit were to raise awareness about the eviction crisis, and lay the groundwork for the social and financial benefits for the City of Detroit and its residents by providing a right to counsel in eviction proceedings

The event consisted of a series of panels with experiences and opinions from civil rights counsel experts, representatives from local government, legal aid providers, low income renters who have benefitted greatly from assistance of counsel during an eviction, pro bono attorneys, and many more.

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DET RTC Committee of the Coalition, Lucy McManama, and Robert Mathis contributed to this story.