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St. Clair Residents Volunteer to Help Others

A Lawyer Helps - UPDATE!

Attorney Gerry Mason and other St. Clair residents continue their helping tradition. When the Port Huron Citadel of the Salvation Army was unable to keep its food pantry stocked, it partnered with Neiman's Family Market. The grocery store provided a large amount of wholesale food items and many local residents helped get the items to the Salvation Army's food pantry. 

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Residents Volunteer at Local Grocery Store

Attorney Gerry Mason and other St. Clair residents are helping stock the shelves of Nieman’s Family Market so other residents have access to food and other necessary items. As grocery stores continue to be overwhelmed by the demand in response to COVID-19, St. Clair area residents are volunteering their time to ensure their local grocery store's products are stocked, available, and accessible. Volunteers of the community who have been helping stock the store's shelves include members of the St. Clair Rotary Club, Police Chief Tim Raker and his wife, Elaine, Sgt. Dave Wood, SCPD Officers Tyler Schroll and Colin Elul, Marga and Tim Coughlin, and many others.

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Attorney Gerry Mason & SBM staff (Jennifer Williams and Robert Mathis) contributed to this story.