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In Memoriam of Robert Treat

The State Bar of Michigan mourns the loss of Robert (Bob) Treat.

Bob was widely known as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable QDRO drafters in Michigan and beyond. Leveraging his QDRO expertise and commitment to access to justice, Bob was a founding member of SBM’s QDRO Pro Bono Program more than 20 years ago. From the time the QDRO Program accepted its first pro bono referral, Bob’s commitment to the success of the program never wavered. Since cofounding the QDRO Program, Bob not only co-led the program’s administration group but was also one of the most active members of its pro bono attorney panel, drafting well over 350 QDROs for low-income Michiganders.

Bob’s exemplary pro bono efforts and unwavering commitment to increased access to justice for all truly made him a trailblazer for justice. In 2017, SBM awarded Bob the prestigious John W. Cummiskey Pro Bono Award, made yearly to a Michigan lawyer who has made a significant pro bono contribution.

Attorney Joe Cunningham, also a founding member of the QDRO Program, said the following about Bob: “[h]e was a great guy, superb professional, and very generous with his time. I’ll miss him. He was a dear friend.”

Attorney Nancy Keppelman, a founding member of the QDRO Program as well, commented that “Bob was a resource even for those of us who are considered “experts” in drafting domestic relations orders and the division of retirement benefits in divorce proceedings. Bob was unstinting with his time and expertise, and he was a gentle and compassionate person.”

Bob will be missed, but his caring nature and commitment to increased access to justice for all Michiganders will never be forgotten.

Link to Bob’s Obituary