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2021 A Lawyer Helps Pro Bono Honor Roll

The Justice Initiatives Committee of the State Bar of Michigan is pleased to publish the 2021 A Lawyer Helps Pro Bono Honor Roll.  The Honor Roll recognizes individual attorneys, solo practitioners, law firms, and corporations that support access to justice by providing pro bono legal services to low-income individuals and families throughout Michigan.

Law firms and corporations that submitted an Honor Roll application and achieved a per-attorney average of 30, 50, or 100 or more hours of pro bono legal services in 2020 were eligible for recognition. And new this year, law firms and corporations were eligible for recognition based on cumulative pro bon service hours provided in the 2020 calendar year at one of four tiers. Firm recognition based on total pro bon service hours was recently adopted by the Board of Commissioners. Although some firms may not have learned of the new recognition opportunity in time to appear in the July issue of the Michigan Bar Journal , firms can still report their 2020 calendar-year pro bono hours by visiting The extended pro bono reporting period closes on August 15, and eligible firms will appear on the online version of the 2021 Honor Roll and in periodic social media posts. Click HERE to see the 2021 Pro Bono Honor Roll.