Affordable Legal Services Committee


Support the State Bar of Michigan’s access to justice and member services goals by:

  • Reviewing, developing, and recommend innovative practices to provide low-cost legal services and evaluate efforts to expand access to affordable legal services for persons of modest means, including low bono services; non-profit law firms and sliding scale civil legal services; online dispute resolution and alternative dispute resolution services; lean process analysis, both at law practice and court administrative levels; alternative fee agreements; and fixed fee packages.
  • Identifying the need for any workgroups to support the jurisdiction of the committee
  • Conferring and coordinating regularly at least annually with the Justice Initiatives, Unauthorized Practice of Law, Access to Justice Policy, and Online Legal Resources and Referral Center committees
  • Identifying possible collaborations to support the committee’s jurisdiction
  • Reviewing and evaluating metrics measuring

Note: This committee may have more than 15 members.

2021-2022 Committee List

Annual Reports

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