SBM Board of Commissioners Minutes

September 27, 2002

First Meeting of the 2002-2003 Board

The meeting was called to order by President Turner at 1:45 p.m. on Friday, September 27, 2002, at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Grand Rapids. Commissioners present were:

John M. Barr
Scott S. Brinkmeyer, President-Elect
Kimberly M. Cahill, Treasurer
Thomas W. Cranmer, Secretary
Kathryn M. Day
Nancy J. Diehl, Vice President
Evanne L. Dietz
Kim Warren Eddie
James N. Erhart
Elias J. Escobedo Jr.
Michael S. Hohauser
Elizabeth A. Jamieson
Ronald D. Keefe
Daniel M. Levy, Assembly Vice-Chair
Stephen J. Murphy III
Hon. William B. Murphy
Lambro Niforos
Edward H. Pappas
Randolph P. Piper
Thomas G. Plunkett
D. Andrew Portinga
Thomas C. Rombach, Assembly Chair
Kurt E. Schnelz
Hon. Cynthia D. Stephens
Charles R. Toy
Reginald M. Turner, President
Gregory L. Ulrich

Commissioners Marjory G. Basile, Dennis P. Grenkowicz, and W. Anthony Jenkins were absent and excused. Commissioners Hon. Joseph J. Farah and Craig H. Lubben were absent.

State Bar Staff Present:

John T. Berry—Executive Director
Thomas K. Byerley—Director, Regulation Counsel
Glenna D. Peters—Executive Coordinator
Janet Welch—General Counsel
Jessica Weston—Administrative Assistant
Karen L. Williams—Committees and Sections

Present for such portions of the meeting as pertained to a specific agenda item was David Haynes, Public Affairs Associates.

Oath of Office
President Turner swore in the Commissioners with the oath of office.

President's Report—Reginald M. Turner Jr.
President Turner stated that in the upcoming year, he will continue to work on the strategic plan. He encouraged all Commissioners to question any point before the Board until they are satisfied, as he considers this part of their fiduciary responsibility as Commissioners. Mr. Turner said he looks forward to a constructive and rewarding year.

Authorize President to Appoint an Executive Committee
Upon a motion made and seconded, the Board unanimously authorized President Turner to appoint an Executive Committee.

Fiscal Matters
Upon a motion made and seconded, the Board unanimously approved the following signature authorizations:

  1. Signatures—For checks of $15,000 or less, authorize the Executive Director to sign all checks without a second signature, and in addition authorize the Executive Director to sign all routine checks for the following purposes in any amount without a second signature: checks payable to Bank One for the monthly payment of long-term debt; all checks for the payment of monthly rent for the ADB and AGC; all checks for transfers between SBM accounts; and all checks for payments of staff medical and other insurance, and for staff retirement plan benefits.
  2. Signatures—For all checks greater than $15,000 (excluding those noted above)—authorize any SBM Commissioner of the Board to provide a second signature in addition to the signature by the Executive Director, as required by policy.
  3. Authorize the Director of Finance & Administration to transfer funds between SBM and ADS cash and investment accounts as may be necessary to have adequate cash in checking accounts to meet cash flow needs.
  4. Authorizing the Director of Finance & Administration to invest any surplus funds over and above current operating expenses in accordance with the investment policy or as directed by the Finance/HR Committee.

Mr. Cranmer noted that the changes to the 2002-2003 signature authorizations have been recommended by the Finance/HR Committee and put into the form of a written policy. Upon a motion made and seconded, the Board approved the new written signature policy.

2002-2003 Standing and Special Committees and Task Forces
President Turner announced that appointments to the 2002-2003 Standing and Special Committees and Task Forces have been completed and letters have been mailed to those who are on the committees. A list of Commissioner liaison assignments is attached to the minutes hereto as Addendum I.

2002-2003 Commissioner Committees
President Turner announced the appointments to the following 2002-2003 Commissioner Committees and a copy is attached hereto as Addendum II.

    A. Executive
    B. Finance and Human Resources
    C. Professional Standards
    D. Programs and Services
    E. Public Policy, Image and Identity

ATJ Task Force
Upon a motion made and seconded, the Board unanimously approved recommended changes to the structure of the Access To Justice For All Task Force. A copy is attached hereto as Addendum III.

Dates for the 2002-2003 Board Meetings
President Turner announced the dates for the 2002-2003 Board of Commissioner meetings as follows:

November 22, 2002
January 17, 2003
April 25, 2003
June 13, 2003
July 25, 2003
September 12, 2003 (tentative)

President Turner noted that the September 2003 meeting date is tentative because the Implementation Committee for the Annual Meeting has not completed its review and made recommendations. He urged commissioners to talk with members and attendees from this year's meeting to solicit their input.

President Turner stated that the June meeting date is firm and other activities may be scheduled in conjunction with it at a later date. He noted that both the Criminal Law Section and the Michigan Judicial Conference have expressed an interest in coordinating with the June and September 2003 meetings. Mr. Turner reported that this is the first annual meeting that has included judicial involvement and he believes that their inclusion was very successful.

President Turner welcomed the new Commissioners.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:05 p.m.