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U.S. Courts Committee


Provide advice and recommendations concerning the State Bar of Michigan’s interaction with federal courts in Michigan and on practice of law in those courts by:

  • Reviewing and making recommendations on proposed federal court rule amendments
  • Proposing court rule, legislative, or policy changes to improve practice in federal courts in Michigan
  • Developing and collaborating on projects and events focused on federal practice and the relationship between state and federal courts

Committee Members

Justin B. Weiner, P83594‚Äč, chair
Brett A. Border, P65534
Andrew J. Clopton, P80315
Amanda McSween Empey, P84594
Kinikia Essix, Clerk
Ann Filkins, Clerk
Michael J. Hluchaniuk, P15007

Stephon E. Johnson, P39546
Andrew James Lievense, P68925
Daniel Thomas McGraw, P83386
Thaddeus E. Morgan, P47394
Daniel John Ping, P81482
Barry R. Powers, P40589
Saura James Sahu, P69627

Armeen Mistry Shroff, P84354
Noceeba Southern, P55229
Adam B. Strauss, P53319
Hon. Clay M. West, P80766
Teri Whitehead, P61908


Federal Bar Association Advisor, Western District

Andrew J. Brege, P71474, WD FBA


Members Appointed by U.S. Eastern District Courts

David R. Grand, P57492

Shalina D. Kumar, P56595


Member Appointed by U.S. Western District Courts

Sally Jacoba Berens, P82670



Committee Liaisons from the State Bar of Michigan

Nathan Triplett, P76683

Janna Sheppard


6th Circuit En Banc Opinions

Members of the U.S. Courts Committee publish annual summaries of notable en banc opinions made by the 6th Circuit Court in the Michigan Bar Journal.

Michigan Bar Journal - February 2022 thumbnail
Summary of 2021
By Justin B. Weiner
Published February 2022

Michigan Bar Journal - July 2020 thumbnail
Summary of 2019
By Michael R. Williams
Published July 2020

Michigan Bar Journal - May 2019 thumbnail
Summary of 2018
By Michael R. Williams
Published May 2019

Michigan Bar Journal - June 2018 thumbnail
Summary of 2017
By John A. Ferroli
Published June 2018


Federal Practice Survival Guide Available for Download

The Federal Bar Association’s Eastern District of Michigan Chapter is sharing its new “Handbook on Local Practice in the Eastern District of Michigan.” The handbook was created to give attorneys who are new to practicing in the Eastern District an introduction to common procedural issues they may encounter.

Read, download, or print the handbook here.

Annual Reports