Lawyer Referral Service Panel Members

The State Bar of Michigan’s Lawyer Referral Service has been helping people find the right attorney for more than 40 years. If you’re looking to connect with new clients, why not let the LRS do the work for you?

Each year, more than 14,000 potential clients call the LRS looking for help. Callers have a wide variety of legal needs, and are screened by trained LRS specialists to ensure the best client-lawyer match. Matches are based on a number of factors, including practice area, judicial circuits, and language preference.

Participation is easy and it is a great way to be directly connected to future potential clients. If you are interested in receiving more information, please simply complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly. Ready to become a member? Sign up here.

How it works

Callers can request a referral by phone at (800) 968-0738 or by filling out the online referral request. Two full-time referral assistants field requests from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday. Once a match is located, the caller will pay a $25 administrative referral fee, which entitles the caller to a consultation of up to 25 minutes with the lawyer. During that consultation, the lawyer helps the caller decide what to do next.

How to participate

If you are an active attorney in good standing with the State Bar of Michigan and you maintain malpractice insurance, you are eligible to become an LRS panel member and receive referrals. It costs $150 to join, and you'll need to set up an enhanced lawyer profile in the SBM online Member Directory. You can read the full rules for LRS panel membership here

Ready to become a member? Sign up here.