Virtual Courtroom Directory Expands Public Access To Court Proceedings

Virtual Courtroom Directory Expands Public Access To Court Proceedings

May 18, 2020

The Michigan Supreme Court announced today that public access to court proceedings has expanded dramatically, thanks to an enhanced Virtual Courtroom Directory.

According to the release, new features “allow users to search courts where virtual hearings are being held, sort by judge or hearing officer, click on a county to view if a specific court is offering streaming abilities, and add a public calendar to virtual courtroom search results.”

Chief Justice Bridget McCormack said in a press release that she is proud of the way Michigan courts have stepped up to increase access to proceedings.

“With just two or three clicks, the public can find and watch local court proceedings,” she said in the release.  “Michigan’s courts have responded to this crisis by opening the virtual doors of our courthouses wide. I am so proud of the commitment to innovation that is transforming the judiciary, expanding access, and strengthening democracy.”

Despite significant restrictions on public proceedings, the courts have adapted quickly and effectively, according to the release, which notes that “nearly 1,000 judges and other court officers have Zoom licenses and more than 100,000 hours of hearings have been conducted remotely since April 1.”

Visit the Virtual Courtroom Directory or the Supreme Court’s COVID-19 webpage for additional information and resources.