Marijuana Law Section to Host First Conference

The State Bar of Michigan Marijuana Law Section will host its first conference, “Marijuana—What Every Lawyer Must Know,” from Friday, Oct. 21 through Sunday, Oct. 23 at Firekeepers Casino Hotel in Battle Creek.

The conference will kick off Friday evening with opening statements by Bernard Jocuns and Daniel Grow, a presentation on “National Developments in Medical and Recreational Marijuana Law” by NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano, and an opening reception.

Saturday will be filled with educational seminars, covering these topics: “Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act Overview—Navigating the MMA’s House of Cards,” "MythBusters: The Truth about Marijuana Science,” “Weed Mart—Profits or Prison? Advising Cannabusiness Clients,” “A Finger on the Pulse of the MMA—A Doctor’s View,” “How Do I Defend My Client When the Courts Keep Changing the MMA?” and “Cannabis and Psychomotor Performance: The Latest Science You Need to Know and Know Right Now.”

Sunday will also be filled with educational seminars: “Will I Lose My Children over Weed? The Impact of Marijuana on Child Custody and Child Welfare Cases,” “What’s the Legislature Up to? The Latest News on Medical and Recreational Marijuana,” “Are You High? Measuring THC in the Human Body,” and “Not in My Backyard: Zoning Issues and Local Regulation on Property.” Daniel Grow will also provide closing remarks.

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