REMINDER: Pre-Order the April Resource Directory by March 15

SBM members and subscribers who have opted to receive a directory in print will receive a new publication: the April Resource Directory. The newly-formatted directory is a sleek, portable, highly practical guide to information not easily found in other printed materials or easily accessible by smartphone.  Examples include contact information for circuit, district, probate, appeals, municipal, tribal, federal, and problem-solving courts; local, state, and federal agencies; law schools; lawyer associations; State Bar sections; fields of practice listings; lawyer discipline summaries; and other valuable information.  Additional copies are available to purchase for $10, which may interest non-members, non-subscribers, and members and subscribers who simply would like more than one copy of the April Resource Directory.  Additional copies can be ordered online or by using this form.

As you may know, a high percentage of SBM members have opted out of receiving any directory information in print, and rely instead on the SBM website.  Our online member directory serves as the primary method for locating SBM members.  For those who prefer to receive a member list in print, we offer the April Resource Directory Plus Alphabetical Member Roster, which includes all the information found in the April Resource Directory plus a complete listing of all members of the State Bar of Michigan—active, emeritus, inactive, and affiliate.  Printed copies of the April Resource Directory Plus Alphabetical Member Roster may be purchased by members for $35, and by non-members for $60.  Copies can be ordered online  or by using this form. A full pdf version of the printed Alphabetical Roster will be available for no charge in our member area following its publication in April.

We urge you to act promptly. Anyone interested in purchasing a printed April Resource Directory Plus Alphabetical Member Roster, or an extra copy of the April Resource Directory, must order by the March 15 Deadline or we cannot guarantee that print copies will be available.