Ethics Opinion Topic Index

Cameras in the Courtroom

Supreme Court permission required
  •  A/O 30,

Campaign Funding, Judicial

Accepting contribution after general election
Accepting contribution prior to 180 days
Amount of contribution raising bias
Campaign committee formed prior to fund raising period
Campaign committee solicitation
Candidate prohibited from soliciting or accepting
Candidate contributions prior to fund raising period
Circumvention of solicitation rule
Contribution received after election
Contributions from independent fundraiser
Contributions from PACs to judicial campaign
Contributions to influence candidate
Creditors paid by third party
Disposition of campaign funds to government committee
  •  A/O 14,
Early contributions
Early expenditures
Expenditures prior to announcing candidacy
Expenditures prior to fund raising period
Family compensation for campaign work
  •  A/O 66,
Family contributions
Fund raising events, quantity
Fund raising period
Fund raising by independent sponsor
Improper reporting
  •  Matter of Lawrence,
  •  417 Mich 248 (1983),
Improper contributions
In-kind contributions
Investiture celebration
Invitations sent prior to fund raising period
Judge serving on campaign committee
Judge serving as treasurer
Judicial Code conflicts with Michigan Campaign Financing Act
  •  Matter of Lawrence,
  •  417 Mich 248 (1983),
Lawyer solicitations
Loan from candidate