ICLE Michigan-Specific Limited Scope Training Free to All Michigan Attorneys

In partnership with the State Bar of Michigan Affordable Legal Services Committee, ICLE has produced a program made up of three on-demand seminars. Each on-demand seminar is designed to help Michigan lawyers become practice ready in limited scope matters, and includes learning objectives, a video recording, written materials, optional self-assessments, and an evaluation. A certificate of completion is available for each on-demand seminar:

Before entering the ICLE store to access the on-demand seminars, watch a brief welcome message from Affordable Legal Services Committee Co-chair Thomas C. Rombach. Hear from Limited Scope Representation Education Chair Hon. Cylenthia L. Miller with closing remarks and a hearty thank you for your participation. Learn how the bench and court staff are eager to connect the public with your services.

Welcome Message From Thomas C. Rombach

Instructions to Access the On-Demand Seminars

The link below will take you to the ICLE Store. Look under the “On-Demand Seminars” heading and register at a cost of $0 for each of the three Limited Scope Representation on-demand seminars. Once registered, you can access the seminars from the My Toolbar or On-Demand Seminars areas of the ICLE website. Upon completion of each seminar, you will receive a verification code to use to receive a certificate of completion. Please complete the ICLE evaluation at the end of each on-demand seminar, and use the comment section to send questions or suggestions to be shared with the State Bar of Michigan.

Note: Attestation of completion of all three on-demand seminars is necessary to be included in the State Bar Lawyer Referral Service panel as a limited scope lawyer. Watch for more information about this opportunity.

Enter the ICLE Store

Closing Remarks From Hon. Cylenthia L. Miller