Legal Technology Assessment

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The Practice Management Resource Center is pleased to provide a tech competency assessment and learning resource, Legal Technology Assessment, as a new membership benefit. Bar members receive a deep discount of 50% off the regular price.

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What is the Legal Technology Assessment?

The Legal Technology Assessment (LTA) establishes how fluent legal professionals are with the basic technology tools of their trade: Word, Excel, and PDF. The LTA is both a benchmark assessment and a training platform. Benchmarked results are primarily used to ensure that legal professionals are getting the training they need, although can also be used for marketing, professional development, team assembly, onboarding, rate negotiation, invoice review, and provider differentiation. The LTA pairs competence-based assessments with synchronous, active learning in order to provide an effective, tailored training solution.

The LTA is taken in a completely live environment on exemplar documents. Its digitally-signed Word plug-in can be downloaded and installed on the user’s own computer or on a group computer provided by an organization (e.g., training laptop, computer lab). Alternatively, the LTA can be delivered on the cloud via Microsoft Azure. The instructions are contained in a Word document with a control panel on the side.

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