Michigan Bar Journal
Help Guide for Mobile and Tablet Readers

Tips for Reading Publication
The publication can be viewed in either portrait (one page) or landscape (two-page) orientation. To zoom in on the text, tap twice on the screen in the area of the page you want to view. To zoom out, tap twice again on the screen.

Tips for Turning Pages
Use one finger to swipe horizontally on a page to go to the next or previous page. There are also navigation arrows in the black bar at the top right of each Journal page.

Tips for Following Links
Articles and features within each issue are linked from the cover and Table of Contents listings. Tap once on a heading to move directly to the featured content. To quickly return to the Table of Contents page, tap on the "Michigan Bar Journal" link located top left and top right of each content page. E-mail and website addresses are also linked throughout the publication. Tap once to follow the links in your browser or to open your e-mail program.


Tips for Exiting the Viewer
To return to the State Bar of Michigan website at any time, tap the Michigan Bar Journal logo on the Table of Contents page or the cover. This will close the viewer and move you to a State Bar of Michigan web page.