Logo Policy for State Bar of Michigan Sections

Revised November 1, 2020

The Logo Policy for State Bar of Michigan Sections (Policy) applies to all State Bar of Michigan (SBM) sections. This Policy is intended to protect the brand identity of SBM and its sections.

I. Standalone section logo: SBM provides to each section two versions of a properly designed standalone section logo (a square version and a horizontal version). While SBM prefers to maintain a single design for all section logos, sections that already have their own approved logos may continue to use them, though SBM’s preference would be they do so sparingly. Sections may not make any alterations to the provided or approved logos. No other logo may be used to represent a section. Section logos may only be used on behalf of the section, not individual members.  

II. Section logo and SBM logo: When a section shares identity with SBM on an official product or publication, SBM will produce the necessary logo. In such situations, the SBM logo will retain prominence and the identity of the section or division shall be done typographically. No other logos may be used. Proportionally, the name of the section shall be no more than one half the size of the SBM logo. The name of the section may appear beneath or to the right of the SBM logo. 

III. Standalone SBM logo: Sections may not use the standalone SBM logo or seal.

If you have any questions about this policy, or have a design need SBM can help with, please contact Jennifer Hatter.