Section Orientation


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SBM Section Orientation Videos

  • Welcome, Overview, & Section Leaders Toolbox (approx. 12 minutes, embedded above): section orientation overview, tools and resources found on the Sections Landing Page at
  • Section Discussion Groups (approx. 4 minutes): common issues or misunderstandings in SBM Connect and third-party listservs.
  • Section Governance & Compliance (approx. 7 minutes): key accountability dates and deadlines, section bylaws, contracts, finance, and public policy overview.
  • Section Events (approx. 10 minutes): event planning and process help from SBM staff, critical event planning deadlines, the Section Event Planning Handbook, contracts associated with section events, event feedback surveys.
  • Communications (approx. 8 minutes): marketing & promotion, newsletters & other printed publications, electronic communications (eblasts, SBM Connect, e-newsletters), design standards, section logos, social media, press releases & media relations.
  • Demographics (approx. 5 minutes): demographics of SBM and sections, membership specifics, analysis through several different lenses.
  • Diversity & Inclusion (approx. 2 minutes): mentoring, pipeline programs, civic education events, volunteer opportunities.
  • Public Policy (approx. 10 minutes): definition of public policy, Keller v. State Bar of California, 496 U.S. 1 (1990), the difference between an SBM public policy position and a section position, how to submit a position, avoiding pitfalls.
  • Finance (approx. 12 minutes): section revenues and expenses, financial reporting & deadlines, tax exemptions and sale tax.