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If staff attorneys name the firm as their designated interim administrator, circuit court appointment of an interim administrator will not be necessary if all the requirements of MCR 9.303 are followed.

Because the State Bar of Michigan is required to verify all designated interim administrators are willing to serve, all firm nominations must also identify a licensed Michigan attorney with the firm other than themselves to accept the designation. Attorneys from outside your firm also could designate your firm as interim administrator. 

Attorneys can fulfill their Rule 21 requirements — or update previous selections — at any time by logging in at

Advice for law firms 

  • Make sure your attorneys know if and when they should accept on behalf of the firm any designations as interim administrator they receive. Firms may consider identifying specific attorneys to be named when designating the firm to consolidate responsibility for accepting firm designations.
  • Let your staff attorneys know if you have any policies regarding their ability to independently serve as an interim administrator (as opposed to simply accepting a nomination on behalf of the firm).
  • Consider identifying for attorneys who they should name as their person with knowledge.
  • Communicate your firm’s expectations to your staff attorneys so they are prepared when they renew their license. You can use this example letter to craft your message.

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