Michigan Bar Journal
Article Guidelines

Submission Criteria
The Michigan Bar Journal will consider articles that:

  • address specific issues in areas of law that are widely practiced
  • cover new fields of law or subspecialties
  • are of interest to our members

We will decline articles that:

  • denigrate the legal profession
  • are poorly written
  • promote a specific business or type of business
  • do not conform to these guidelines

We reserve the right to edit all submissions for length, clarity, organization, and style; substantive changes are subject to author approval. We reserve the right to refuse to publish any article.

The Review Process
All unsolicited articles are sent to the Michigan Bar Journal ’s three-member article review committee for consideration. The committee decides if an article is accepted for publication or declined on the basis of how well it meets the submission criteria outlined above, as well as its timeliness, clarity, and organization. The committee may request that an article be shortened or edited before continuing with the review process.

If your article is accepted for publication, expect a minimum of a six-month waiting period. We reserve the right to determine when an article is published. If the review committee decides that your article is appropriate for a theme issue, your article will be sent to the theme issue editor for consideration unless you object; theme articles are published according to the theme issue schedule.

Usually, the Michigan Bar Journal does not publish articles that have been published elsewhere. If you have submitted to multiple publications and received an acceptance elsewhere but prefer the Michigan Bar Journal, email barjournal@michbar.org to determine the status of your article.

Manuscript Requirements

Articles must be no longer than 2,500 words, including endnotes.

Articles must be formatted as double-spaced, 8 ½" x 11" pages. All citations must be included in endnote form—not in the body of the manuscript.

Although the Michigan Bar Journal is not a law review, it is peer reviewed; as such, statements of fact and law must be substantiated with endnotes. Use endnotes to cite authority only and do not include extended side discussion.

The Michigan Bar Journal uses the Michigan Appellate Opinion Manual as a citation style guide. The manual is available in a searchable online format. Please consult and follow the manual when you prepare your manuscript. Accurate quotations and complete citations are important. Please include complete citations (for example, include parallel citations) and, when citing material other than cases, statutes, or rules, give the reader enough information to locate that material.

Article Title/Subtitle
Compose a title—and subtitle, if appropriate—that conveys the essence of your article.

At a Glance
The Michigan Bar Journal ’s standard is to include for most articles an “At a Glance” sidebar with 2–3 brief sentences that summarize an article’s key points. They can be taken verbatim from the article or be paraphrased. If appropriate, include these with your manuscript (some subjects do not lend themselves to this summarization).

Provide a brief author biography—not to exceed 70 words—emphasizing credentials related to the subject of your article.

You may submit a photograph with your manuscript. Photos should be 300 DPI (dots per inch) and no smaller than 2 by 3 inches. We accept color or grayscale TIFF, JPEG, EPS, or PDF files, as well as photographic prints.

Copyright License
You must sign the State Bar of Michigan copyright license before your article will be published. All rights to published articles will be held jointly between the author and the State Bar of Michigan.

Sending Your Manuscript
Submit your article to barjournal@michbar.org. We prefer Microsoft Word email attachments, but can accept most word processing programs.