Social Media & Website Committee


Support the development and maintenance of the State Bar's website and use of social media:

  • Providing assistance in the development, curation, and culling of content for the SBM website and social media.
  • Offering suggestions regarding resources and information related to social media.
  • Exploring and assessing the opportunities for collaboration consistent with SBM strategic goals in collaborative social media campaigns with local bar associations, nonlegal professional associations, and other external entities.
  • Conferring and coordinating regularly with the Michigan Bar Journal committee.
  • Providing guidance and support for the promotion of the SBM website, social media, and SBM epublications (e-Journal, Public Policy Newsletter, and SBM News).
  • Reviewing and evaluating metrics measuring the effectiveness of the State Bar's public outreach and education efforts.

2018-2019 Committee List

Annual Reports

FY 2020