ADR Section: Mediating Probate & Elder Law Disputes Teleseminar

Tuesday, December 13, 2016
12:00 PM

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Probate disputes concerning undue influence, breach of fiduciary duties, etc. and disputes concerning the protection of older and vulnerable adults, frequently end up in probate court litigation. The probate courts are increasingly referring these disputes to mediation. Are you prepared to mediate such matters, either as a mediator or as a litigator? This 90-minute, interactive seminar will address such issues as:

  • When should mediation occur?
  • What is important to attorneys when selecting a mediator?
  • What can mediators do to help counsel prepare clients for mediation?
  • How do mediators and counsel determine who will participate in the mediation?
  • What are the limits of confidentiality and other ethical concerns in these mediations?
  • How do mediators manage a process with multiple stakeholders, issues, and attorneys?
  • What are some tools the mediator can use to generate settlement?
  • What questions would you like to ask the panel?

Get answers to these questions and more!

Panel: Alan A. May, Kemp Kline Law Firm, Troy; Patricia Gormely Prince, Prince Law Firm, Bloomfield Hills; David L.J.M. Skidmore, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP, Grand Rapids; and Zena D. Zumeta, Mediation Training and Consultation Institute, Ann Arbor
Moderator: Robert E. L. Wright, The Peace Talks PLC, Grand Rapids

About the Panel

Pat Prince: Concentrates her practice in estate and tax planning, litigating contested probate matters, and mediation. She is a past chair of the Probate & Estate Planning Section, past editor of the Michigan Probate & Estate Planning Journal, and she chaired the Eastern District Drafting Committee regarding EPIC.

Dave Skidmore: Focuses on probate, trust, estate, fiduciary, and real property disputes and litigation. He is an ACTEC fellow and current member of the Probate & Estate Planning Section Council.

Alan May: Concentrates his practice on probate litigation, estate administration, and mediation. He is a public administrator, litigator, and mediator. He was a Michigan Civil Service commissioner and past chair of the Michigan Civil Rights Commission.

Zena Zumeta: A nationally recognized leader in providing mediators with the specialized conflict resolution skills required to mediate disputes, including conflicts concerning inheritance issues and the care and protection of our aging population. She trains people throughout the United States to resolve disputes through both basic, 40-hour, and advanced classes.

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