Ingham County Bar Ass'n: Happy Hour Deliberations

Thursday, October 19, 2017
05:00 PM
Location: The Creole - Old Town, Lansing

Join ICBA members for deliberations at Midtown Brewing Company. The ICBA is excited to announce that each month, members will join each other at a local happy hour for conversation and camaraderie. These "monthly deliberations" are casual - there will be no "bar exam," so leave your name tags and suit jackets back at the office. Everything is "off the record" - if you want to come and buy yourself (or a thirsty colleague) a drink, that's terrific, but you can always just come and chat. There is no agenda or program - it's just a nice way to connect with other members of the bar at the bar.

We hope you will "concur" that this a great opportunity to meet your fellow bar members and join us for some fun!

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