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This electronic newsletter addressing issues faced by people with disabilities. The project was originally funded by a grant from the Newman Foundation and was the concept of members of the Disabilities Committee of the Bar’s former Open Justice Commission. Subscribe to the Newsletter

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Access Issues

Access to Courts for Persons Who are Deaf & Hard of Hearing Feb 2017

Child Welfare Cases Involving Parents With Disabilities Sep 2013

Snippets of Information for the Equitable Treatment of Persons with Disabilities Apr 2012

A New Frontier: The Legal System, Accessibility, & the World Wide Web Oct 2010

Conflicts Involving Counsel & Adult Clients With Cognitive Disabilities Jun 2009: Part 2 of 2

'But You Look So Good!' and 7 Other Things NOT to Say to a Person With a Non-Visible Disability Nov 2007

Michigan Protection & Advocacy Service, Inc. Provides Advocacy to People with Disabilities Jul 2007

Connecting to Community Resources Jul 2006


Access to Courts for Persons Who are Deaf & Hard of Hearing Feb 2017

Accommodating the Deaf or Hard of Hearing Client in the Law Office Setting Oct 2011

Self Identification Notice Under the ADA Mar 2010

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury Jul 2008

Meeting the Legal Needs of Deaf Individuals Jan 2008

Determining Proper Accommodations for Deaf Law Students in Mar 2007

Accommodating a Person with a Visual Disability in the Legal Process Dec 2006

Accommodating Persons with Non-Obvious Limitations in Mobility Oct 2006

Lay Advocates as an Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities Jul 2005

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Nov 2004

Court Issues

Problem-Solving Courts: Lessons Learned & Implications for People with Mental Health Care Needs released Oct 2014

A Simple Form that Enhances Equal Access to the Courts Mar 2011

Demystifying the Administrative Law—Medicaid Fair Hearings Process Jul 2010

Preventing Push-Out of Children with Disabilities from School Apr 2008

Representing the Cognitively Disabled Client in a Criminal Case Mar 2006

Autism & the Courts Dec 2005

Wheelchair Access to Michigan Courts Sep 2005

Low Cost Ways Courthouses can be More Accessible to Persons With Disabilities Mar 2005


Using the Best Interests Test to Protect the Cognitively Impaired at the End of Life Dec 2012

Guardianship—The Impact on Parents with Special Needs Dec 2009

Conflicts in Guardianship of Adults Jun 2009: Part 1 of 2

Planning Alternatives to Guardianship Feb 2009

Violence Against Vulnerable Adults Oct 2008

Mental Health Courts

Michigan Dep't of Community Health Statewide Mental Health Court Outcome Evaluation Report Feb 2014

Veterans Issues

Disabled Veterans: Serving Those Who Served Sep 2009