Frank J. Kelley Distinguished Public Service Award

This award recognizes extraordinary governmental service by a member of the State Bar of Michigan. Criteria for the award are:

  • A present or former member of the State Bar of Michigan
  • Service in public office (elected or appointed official) in a way that strengthens the American system of justice under the law
  • Demonstration of the highest standards of integrity, fairness, leadership, excellence, dedication to principle, and dedication to the ideals of democracy
  • Has made a significant lasting contribution to the nation, the state, or the community in which the public servant lives or serves

Application Form: Apply online or complete the Word document

Previous Winners

2023 Hon. Timothy M. Kenny
2022 Hon. Cynthia D. Stephens
2021 No award
2020 Ronald J. Frantz and Anita L. Hitchcock
2019 Michael J. Talbot
2018 Hon. Marilyn J. Kelly and Robert P. Young Jr.
2017 Hon. Robert Holmes Bell, Hon. Bernard A. Friedman, and Barbara L. McQuade
2016 William A. Forsyth and Wayne F. Pratt
2015 Timothy A. Baughman, Adam A. Shakoor, and James L. Shonkwiler (posthumous)
2014 Corbin R. Davis
2013 Hon. Donna T. Morris
2012 John M. Barr and Hon. Willie G. Lipscomb Jr.
2011 Hon. John A. Hallacy, John H. Logie, and Hon. Milton L. Mack Jr.
2010 Hon. Donald A. Scheer and Edward M. Zelenak
2009 Dennis P. Grenkowicz and Lloyd E. Powell
2008 Thomas L. Casey and Bruce A. Timmons
2007 Hon. Donald Shelton and Kym L. Worthy
2006 Philip A. Balkema and Hon. Douglas W. Hillman
2005 John D. Dingell
2004 No award
2003 Robert P. Griffin
2002 Dan L. DeGrow and Saul A. Green
2001 John D. O'Hair
2000 Dorothy Comstock Riley
1999 Gerald R. Ford
1998 Frank J. Kelley