Community Ideas

Listed below are a variety of activities that your bar association or community group can sponsor for Law Day:

  • Awards Presentations
    Acknowledge your volunteers as well as members of the community and contest winners. Consider Liberty Bell Plaques, Medals, and Award Certificates for contest winners.
  • Dispute Settlement Week
    A proclamation and other elements demonstrate the importance and benefits of using the law to settle our differences.
  • Dispute Resolution Demonstrations
    Real negotiators and volunteers act out scenarios that depict resolving disputes through mediation, arbitration, and other nontraditional means.
  • Law Day Open Houses
    Partner with the courts to conduct public and school tours.
  • Meet Your Judges Programs
    Invite judges to classes or community groups to discuss their role in our justice system.
  • Naturalization Ceremonies
    Call attention to civic rights and duties and witness new Americans pursuing their dreams by hosting a swearing-in service. Ask new citizens to explain why they've chosen U.S. citizenship.
  • Flyer Distribution
    Coordinate with local grocers, shopkeepers and fast-food restaurants. Ask businesses to insert your Law Day information in payroll envelopes.
  • Proclamations
    Mayors, governors, legislators, city or town council members and school principals can all officially designate Law Day.
  • Game Shows
    Use quiz or game show formats in Law Day presentations. Encourage local papers to run a Law Day quiz.
  • Legislative Update Sessions
    At adult education centers, lawyers conduct community meetings on recent legislation, focusing on constitutional rights issues.
  • Law in the Mall
    Volunteer lawyers set up advice and information booths at local shopping centers focusing on practical law issues like buying and selling a home and wills and estates (see Free Legal Advice Clinics for more ideas).
  • Resource Guides
    Develop and distribute handbooks, including addresses and phone numbers for community services such as women's shelters, literacy groups or victim's assistance programs.
  • Build a Home
    Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity International and help create a dream home for a less fortunate family. For more information call: Habitat for Humanity at (912) 924-6935.
  • Town Meeting
    Students, citizens, politicians, and law enforcement officials gather to discuss a legal issue of local importance.
  • Lawyer for a Day
    Students pair with a volunteer attorney and learn what life in the day of a lawyer is like.
  • Invite a Nonlawyer
    Bars holding Law Day luncheons invite nonlawyers and make the event a community mini-forum on justice issue. Each lawyer brings one nonlawyer. A panel of lawyers and nonlawyers looks at key questions, perhaps following a brief survey of opinions that could guide the discussion.
  • Seniors Workshop
    Lawyers visit nursing homes and senior centers to assist seniors on aspects of elder law.