Law Day 2007 Winning Essays

All essays are in format.

6th Grade

  • First Place: Nathan Shellhamer—Edwardsburg Middle School, Edwardsburg—Teacher: Erin Souchick
  • Second Place: Emma Kern—Tappan Middle School, Ann Arbor—Teacher: Wendy Raymond
  • Third Place: Ashley Sokolowski—Bangor Middle School, Bangor—Teacher: Catherine Kimbler

7th Grade

  • First Place: Haley Anne Bennett—Gagie School, Kalamazoo—Teacher: Joe Myers
  • Second Place: Zachary Whiting—Paw Paw Middle School, Paw Paw—Teacher: Lyn Brown
  • Third Place: Angela Furton—L’Anse Creuse Middle School North, Macomb—Teacher: Sheryl Furnas

8th Grade

  • First Place: Maura Tova Levine—Gagie School, Kalamazoo—Teacher: Dr. Gagie
  • Second Place: Nicole Stawasz—Walnut Creek Middle School, West Bloomfield—Teacher: Tracy Jackson
  • Third Place: Emma McClory—St. Thomas School, Ann Arbor—Teacher: Kirstin Boettcher

Six Supreme Court Cases

"Should" Questions

    1. Should a religious group of students be allowed to gather outside at the school flagpole before school starts?

    2. Suppose that some students want to show support for a political candidate by wearing campaign pins to school. Should a school be allowed to have a policy against wearing items that show support for political candidates?

    3. Suppose a school has a dress code that allows female students to wear open-toed shoes to school, but requires male students to wear close-toed shoes. Suppose further that a student group organizes a protest of the policy by encouraging male students to wear sandals to school for one day. Should a principal have the right to penalize male students for violating the dress code?

    4. No question.

    5. Suppose a parent reports that a student was showing off a hunting rifle in the school parking lot. Should a principal have the right to conduct a search of a student’s backpack?

    6. No question.

    7. Suppose that a public school policy allows students to refuse to submit to drug testing as long as they do not attend the school prom. Should a school be able to require students to consent to random, suspicionless drug testing as a condition for purchasing prom tickets?