Local Coloring Contest Information

The purpose of the Coloring Contest is to discuss the picture and the theme at an appropriate level and interest of the children.

Coloring Contest

  • Media and color used in the design is left to the discretion of the student.
  • Winners are drawn in each category at random.

Local Coloring Contest

    Step 1

      Determine the age group you wish to target.

    Step 2

      Determine how to judge the winners. For coloring contests it is best to choose the winner by a random drawing. Coloring is a small muscle control skill and you do not know how much help the child received from others. There is very little creativity involved.

    Step 3

      Create a design to use for the contest. 1) If you know a graphic designer or artist who would be willing to help you create the design, you may be able to get his/her services donated in exchange for recognition on each poster. 2) Check your local library, the librarian may be able to direct you to law-related artwork. 3) Find ideas in a magazine, coloring book, or in the clip art section of your computer. 4) Use the statewide coloring picture.

    Step 4

      Get the design printed. Consider enlarging the design to 11 x 17. Again, you may be able to partner with a local printer and receive his/her services as a donation. Or, you can use a copy machine. Leave room on the design for the entrant's name, address, phone number, age, and grade, or attach sample contest entry form.

    Step 5

      Determine the contest deadline. If you are inviting your winners to a follow-up event like an awards ceremony, make sure you allow ample time for them to RSVP.

    Step 6

      Determine prizes. Start early and you'll have a good chance at getting your prizes donated. Think of sponsors that fit your targeted age group.

    Step 7

      Determine how and where to distribute the designs. Again, depending on the targeted age group, you may want to mail/drop off entries at schools, churches, day-care centers, a local YMCA, neighborhood businesses, etc.

    Step 8

      Invite your winners to an awards ceremony. Host the ceremony in a courtroom and invite local judges to participate so that the students learn about other aspects of the legal system that are associated with Law Day.

    Step 9

      Notify local media of your event. Send the newspaper a copy of the winning entries and a photograph of the winners.

    Step 10

      Evaluate your contest. Determine what worked and what didn't. Make notes and develop a timeline in case you want to do it again in the future.