Wade H. McCree Awards for the Advancement of Justice

The Michigan Press Association Foundation took over the McCree Awards in 2017.

The McCree Awards recognize Michigan broadcast and print media journalists who foster greater public understanding of the inherent values of our legal and judicial system through their published materials.

To be eligible, written materials and radio/television broadcasts must be published/aired between January 1 and December 31 of the given calendar year. They must inform and educate citizens about the role of the law, the courts, law enforcement agencies, and the legal profession in society. They should also disclose practices in need of improvement and encourage legal and legislative efforts to update and modernize our laws, courts, and law enforcement agencies.

Print entries may consist of feature or news articles, interpretive analyses, editorials, or combinations of these. In the broadcast category, documentaries, educational or editorial programs may be submitted. Any newspaper, internet or wire service, news syndicate, magazine, radio station, legal publication, or network in Michigan or any of its employees are eligible to enter. There is no charge for entering. The awards will be presented in April in conjunction with the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in East Lansing.

Previous Winners

2015 Jennifer Guerra, Sarah Alvarez & Sarah Hulett—Michigan Radio: Finding Home: A Documentary about Foster Care in Michigan
Nathan Bomey, John Gallagher & Mark Stryker—Detroit Free Press: How Detroit Was Reborn
Joan Isabella, Sandra Svoboda & Courtney Hurtt—WDET: NextChapterDetroit.com
Brad Devereaux—MLive Media Group: Small Town, Big Problems
Honorable Mention: Mike Martindale—Detroit News: Judge on Leave to Quit After Re-election
2014 Ross Jones, Randy Lundquist, Ann Mullen, Ramon Rosario, & Johnny Sartiny—WXYZ-TV
Jim Schaefer—Detroit Free Press
John Barnes, Fritz Klug, Scott Levin, John Agar, & Gus Burns—MLive Media Group
2013 L.L. Brasier & Gina Damron—Detroit Free Press
Mike Martindale—Detroit News
Ross Jones, Ann Mullen, Johnny Sartin, Randy Lundquist, & Newton Glasby—WXYZ-TV
Honorable mention: Jeff Gerritt (Detroit Free Press); John Barnes, Heather Peters, John Agar, Gary Ridley, Brad Devereaux, Rex Hall Jr., Jonathan Oosting, & Tim Martin (MLive Media Group); John Barnes, Jonathan Oosting, Tim Martin, Dave Eggert, & Brandon Howell (MLive Media Group); Jennifer Dixon, Jim Schaefer, Kristi Tanner, Martha Thierry, Romain Blanquart, & Mandi Wright (Detroit Free Press)
2012 Heather Catallo, Ross Jones, & Randy Lundquist—WXYZ-TV
Lester Graham—Michigan Radio
Bill Proctor, Randy Lundquist, Ramon Rosario, & Johnny Sartin—WXYZ-TV
L.L. Brasier & John Wisely—Detroit Free Press
John Barnes & Team: Barton Deiters, Khalil AlHajal, Danielle Salisbury, Rex Hall, John Hausman, Andy Hoag, Jonathan Oosting, Michael Wayland, Angela Wittrock, Brandon Howell—MLive Media Group
Curt Guyette—Detroit Metro Times
2011 Jim Schaefer, Kristi Tanner-White, & Eric Seals—Detroit Free Press
Andy Hoag—Saginaw News
Jennifer Dixon & Jim Schaefer—Detroit Free Press
Curt Guyette—Detroit Metro Times
Mike Martindale & Mike Wilkinson—Detroit News
Jessica Harthorn—WEIY NBC 25
2010 Jennifer Dixon & Tina Lam—Detroit Free Press
Cody Hinze, Ryan Loew, Louise Knott Ahern, & Jamie Urrea—Lansing State Journal
M.L. Elrick, Naomi R. Patton, Jim Schaefer, Rochelle Riley, & Gina Damron—Detroit Free Press
Angie Hendershot & Christopher Carr—WJRT TV-12
Honorable mention: Craig McMorris (WNEM TV-5)
2009 M.L. Elrick & Jim Schaefer—Detroit Free Press
Charlie Cain & Gary Heinlein—Detroit News
Sandra Svoboda—Metro Times
Honorable mention: Brian Dickerson (Detroit Free Press); George Hunter (Detroit News); Brian McGillivary, Bill O'Brien, & Mike Tyree (Traverse City Record-Eagle)
2008 Kathy Jessup, Chris Killian, & Rebecca Pierce—Kalamazoo Gazette
Jim Schaefer, Joe Swickart, L.L. Brasier, Brian Dickerson, Suzette Hackney, & John Wisely—Detroit Free Press
Honorable mention: Shantell M. Kirkendoll (Flint Journal); Sandra Svoboda (Metro Times)
2007 Jeff Gerritt—Detroit Free Press
Curt Guyette—Metro Times
Matt Phillips & Charlie Langton—Sterling Heights Television & the Macomb County Bar Association
Honorable mention: Todd Berg (Michigan Lawyers Weekly); Ronald J. Hansen (Detroit News); Judy Putnam (Booth Newspapers)
2006 Norman Sinclair, Ronald J. Hansen, & Melvin Claxton—Detroit News
Matt Phillips & Charlie Langton—Sterling Heights Television & the Macomb County Bar Association
Honorable mention: Jason Alley (Southgate News Herald); David Ashenfelter (Detroit Free Press); Ken Kolker (Grand Rapids Press); Rosemary Parker, Ed Finnert, Barbara Walters, & Bill Krasean (Kalamazoo Gazette)
2005 David Shepardson, Norman Sinclair, & Ronald J. Hansen—Detroit News
Mark Albert—WWMT-TV Kalamazoo
2004 Gregg Krupa, Francis X. Donnelly, & John Bebow—Detroit News
Matt Phillips, Charlie Langton, & Rick Troy—Sterling Heights Television & the Macomb County Bar Association
Honorable mention: Nolan Finley, George Bullard, & Shikha Dalmia (Detroit News); M.L. Elrick, Jim Schaefer, & Ben Schmitt (Detroit Free Press); Stephen W. Huber (Oakland Press); Darryl Q. Tucker (Saginaw News)
2003 Jack Kresnak, David Zeman, & Ben Schmitt—Detroit Free Press
William H. Dance—Detroit Legal News
2002 David Ashenfelter, Tamara Audi, Suzette Hackney, Jim Schaefer, Joe Swickard, David Zeman, & Alison Young—Detroit Free Press
Scott MacFarlane—WKBD/WWJ-TV Detroit
2001 David Ashenfelter, Suzette Hackney, & Joe Swickard—Detroit Free Press
Ken Kolker & Gary Schroder—Grand Rapids Press
C. Jesse Green—Michigan Lawyers Weekly
2000 David Ashenfelter—Detroit Free Press
Wayne Woolley & George Hunter—Detroit News
Bob Allen & Michelle Corum—Interlochen Public Radio
1999 Scott E. Aiken—St. Joseph Herald-Palladium
Scott Davis—Jackson Citizen Patriot
Ken Kolker—Grand Rapids Press