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Justice Initiatives

The State Bar of Michigan supports many justice initiatives to promote the effective delivery of high quality legal services to all Michigan citizens, and to assure that barriers are reduced so that the justice system is the strongest possible, equal and fair in its application to all. The Bar's Committee on Justice Initiatives (CJI) provides the organizational structure through which these activities occur.

The CJI is organized with five major areas.

Lawyer Referral

The State Bar of Michigan Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) is designed to assist members of the public who want to hire a lawyer and can afford to pay for legal services. State Bar members who are active and in good standing are eligible to become a LRIS panel member. The LRIS:

  • Helps you build your practice at a nominal fee
  • Allows you to receive referrals in practice areas that you designate
  • Serves as a marketing strategy for future clients

Register to become a LRS panel member today.

Sections & Committees

The Sections and Committees Department provides services to the 44 sections and 26 standing committees of the State Bar of Michigan. All new members of the State Bar automatically become members of the Young Lawyers Section, and many sections offer free membership to new Bar members.

Committee members are appointed by the SBM president-elect and the appointment process begins in May of each year for the upcoming State Bar calendar year.


Lawyers & Judges Assistance Program

For free, confidential consultation, call (800) 996-5522.

The Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program (LJAP) has been instrumental in lending assistance to chemically dependent attorneys for over 30 years. The program also provides clinical intervention for difficulties such as depression, anxiety, gambling addiction, marriage and family issues, and life transition.

LJAP assists in any situation in which an attorney, judge, or law student is experiencing difficulty that is bringing about impairment either personally or professionally. All contacts are held in the strictest confidence.