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Great Lakes Legal Conference 2024: Hotel

The Great Lakes Legal Conference will be held at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. All meetings and events will be hosted at the Grand Hotel. While most attendees choose to stay at the Grand Hotel, it is not required. Room reservations are not included in GLLC registration and must be booked separately.

Exterior of the Grand HotelStaying at the Grand

The State Bar of Michigan room block is full and unfortunately, the Grand Hotel is sold out for Friday, June 14. Please see alternative Mackinac Island hotels listed below for your overnight accommodations.

We recommend reserving your room at the Grand Hotel as soon as possible because rooms often sell out quickly. All Great Lakes Legal Conference guests are eligible for a special rate to stay at the Grand Hotel.

The room rate for the Grand Hotel is $456 per night for one person. After taxes and fees (which includes breakfast, Grand Buffet lunch, and a 5-course dinner each night in the Main Dining Room), the rate is $568.34 per night. All guests staying in your room must be registered at the Grand Hotel.  The first additional guest is $102.82 per night and $172.84 for each additional adult guest. Children 6-17 are $95.40 per night. There is also a $15 per person baggage fee.

Please note: Be sure to check that your reservation is for the correct number of total guests and length of stay. The system will assume two people for two nights by default. 

Important reminder: The Grand Hotel considers every evening a special occasion and requires all guests and visitors to wear dress clothing after 6:30 p.m. in all areas of the hotel, except the Cupola Bar. Dress clothing includes dresses or dress pants/skirts worn with a blouse, dress sweater, or suit coat and tie. During the day, resort casual or business clothing is appropriate. Learn more about the Grand Hotel Policies here.

Learn more about the Grand Hotel.

Alternate Mackinac Island Hotels

Bay View B&B
(906) 847-3295
(0.7 miles from Grand Hotel)

Bicycle Street Inn & Suites
(906) 847-8005
(0.7 miles from Grand Hotel)

Bogan Lane Inn
(906) 847-3439
(0.8 miles from Grand Hotel)

Chippewa Hotel Waterfront
(906) 847-3341
(0.6 miles from Grand Hotel)

Cloghaun B&B
(906) 847-3885
(0.6 miles from Grand Hotel)

Cottage Inn B&B
(906) 847-4000
(0.6 miles from Grand Hotel)

Haan’s 1830 Inn
(906) 398-2662
(0.9 miles from Grand Hotel)

Harbour View Inn
(906) 847-0101
(1 mile from Grand Hotel)

Hart’s Inn
(906) 847-6234
(0.6 miles from Grand Hotel)

Hotel Iroquois
(906) 847-3321
(0.7 miles from Grand Hotel)

Inn on Mackinac
(855) 784-3846
(0.8 miles from Grand Hotel)

Island House Hotel
(800) 626-6304
(0.7 miles from Grand Hotel)

Lake View Hotel
(800) 207-7075
(0.6 miles from Grand Hotel)

Lilac Tree Suites & Spa
(906) 847-6575
(0.7 miles from Grand Hotel)

Main Street Inn & Suites
(906) 847-6530
(0.7 miles from Grand Hotel)

Metivier Inn
(906) 847-6234
(0.6 miles from Grand Hotel)

Mission Point Resort
(800) 833-7711
(1.1 miles from Grand Hotel)

Murray Hotel
(855) 696-8772
(0.6 miles from Grand Hotel)

Pontiac Lodge
(906) 847-3364
(0.6 miles from Grand Hotel)

Windermere Hotel
(800) 847-3125
(0.6 miles from Grand Hotel)