Meeting spaces now available at the State Bar of Michigan

Meeting spaces now available at the State Bar of Michigan

The State Bar of Michigan offers a variety of meeting spaces for use by members. The spaces can accommodate different group sizes and technology needs.

Conference rooms as well as a kitchen are available. Depending on the specific requirements and duration of usage, usage fees may apply. Most meeting rooms can be arranged to fit your needs based on three primary room configurations:

  • Conference Style: This configuration features an open square arrangement of tables and chairs, fostering an interactive and collaborative atmosphere among participants.
  • Classroom Style: Ideal for training sessions or presentations, this setup entails tables and chairs arranged in rows facing the same direction. It facilitates focused learning and engagement.
  • Theater Style: With rows of chairs and no tables, the theater-style configuration is well-suited for large-scale presentations, lectures, or panel discussions where the audience's attention is primarily directed toward the speaker.

Learn more about room reservations here.

To make a reservation, contact the State Bar of Michigan at (517) 346-6300 or email

Posted June 6, 2023